Romanian Md. 63 AKM

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This Romanian Md.63 was originally built at the Cugir factory in 1965, and didn't see much abuse before being cut into a parts kit. Early rifles like this one sometimes exhibit cool features, such as this bolt carrier with no lightening cut.

The receiver features 3 spot welds on the right hand side, and a domed center support to be a 1:1 replacement for the original. The domed center support rivet was custom made, as no factory receivers are offered with them.

The receiver and barrel are professionally hot blued to match the original finish on the kit.

  • FB Radom cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrel. Professionally threaded 14x1LH, concentric for suppresor use.
  • Recreator Blanks Md.63 receiver, with the proper selector marks/notches and spot welds
  • One Xtech OEM-47 magazine


Please note the shellac finish on the stock is beginning to peel. We decided to leave it in it's original condition rather than alter it.