Md. 63 AKM

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This war horse saw a lot of use, field repairs, met a cutting torch, and wound up here, reborn!

The host Romanian Md.63 parts kit was originally built in 1965, and features the early model palm swell lower handguard. The furniture is heavily used and shows damage, but is sound enough for another life time of abuse (take it easy on that upper handguard though).

The receiver is professionally hot blued and then worn to be a perfect match to the original, aesthetically and chemically. No scotch brite cold bluing cheesy BFPU here! We constructed a photo library of AKMs in war zones, and use this library to match the areas of worn finish seen on actual examples.

Matching numbers? Not here! The parts kit is as-received from Arms of America, nothing swapped. This rifle saw a long service life with the Romanians (and possibly elsewhere), and had most of it's parts swapped. No matter, they've now been painstakingly fitted together for a rock solid rifle.

  • Virgin Romanian barrel, cold hammer forged and chrome lined. Threaded 14xLH
  • Recreator Blanks Md.63 receiver, with the proper selector marks/notches and spot welds
  • Romanian fire control group (includes the original numbers matching FCG in a bag)
  • One surplus steel Romanian magazine.

Please note the rifle does not feature a side rail for optics use, as it originally would not have had one.