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  • Khyber Pass Trumpet Slim Trumpet Classic Trumpet Slim Trumpet Slim
Pic courtesy of @snooze7.62 on instagram Trumpet Classic from Battlesnake

    Khyber Pass Trumpet Muzzle Device

    Add a functional, tribal flair to your AK rifle!Threaded 14x1 LH to fit most every AK. The Trumpet Slim has been reduced in size to fit a bayonet, while the Classic has a little more internal volume, thus compensating a little better. Both still match or...

    $29.99 - $79.99
  • Bashar Blaster The original in Syria Bashar Blaster Bashar Blaster As seen in the hands of Hamas

    Bashar Blaster

    Originally seen on a North Korean Type 68 captured in Syria, the Bashar Blaster has come to America and is ready to make your build drippy as hell. Whatever Middle Eastern gunsmith originally made this phoned it in on the functionality department, but...

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