Add a functional, tribal flair to your AK rifle!
Threaded 14x1 LH to fit most every AK.

The Trumpet Lite has been reduced in size to fit a bayonet, while the Classic has a little more internal volume, thus compensating a little better. Both still match or exceed the classic slant brake, while also changing the muzzle report to a very satistying "rolling thunder" sort of noise.

The last picture shows the Lite.

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Khyber trumpet classic

keith kittrell on May 29th 2021

Love it! Love how it looks and glad there’s now one that the bayonet will go on.

Brings a nice touch of class

Noders on Apr 8th 2021

Got this for a really amazing kit build RPK looks fantastic, it really gives your firearm a certain vibe you can't get with just any muzzle device. shipped fast arrived fast and the blueing work was second to none.

Khyber Trumpet

Noah Morency on Mar 29th 2021

Absolutely great muzzle device, was kind enough to turn mine down to work with a bayonet. Wonderful company with wonderful products