Add a functional, tribal flair to your AK rifle!
Threaded 14x1 LH to fit most every AK.

The Trumpet Slim has been reduced in size to fit a bayonet, while the Classic has a little more internal volume, thus compensating a little better.
Both still match or exceed the classic slant brake in performance, while also changing the muzzle report to a very satistying "rolling thunder" sort of noise.

  • 14x1 LH threads with detent notch
  • Heat treated for maximum strength 
  • Blued finish
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Just get it..

Hoodcat on Jan 17th 2023

This thing gave a nice finishing touch to my old battlefield yugo. Personality and function.

Khyber Trumpet

Chance on Oct 28th 2022

The trumpet break significantly reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil on my Zastava M91. Looks great as well

Khyber Pass Trumpet Muzzle Device

Rigo on May 9th 2022

Shipped quickly and very nice fit and finish! This will look great on the new Khyber Pass build. Thanks

Khyber Trumpet

David Byers on Mar 16th 2022

After having purchased both the standard and Lite version of the Khyber Trumpet, I gotta say I’m impressed. Solid build quality and adds a distinct aesthetic to any Kalashnikov platform. Works well with both battlefield pickups and modern style rifles. On top of looking cool, it gives the report a different sound almost like thunder or a bark. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

KP Trumpet

Travis on Aug 19th 2021

Amazing machining, threads right on and looks even better! Super solid muzzle device, I'd say performs better than the standard slant. Brought both out to the range today and the Trumpet just felt better, sounded better, and visually looks better. Would recommend 11/10!

Khyber Trumpet

Lukas Johnson on Jul 11th 2021

I bought this for the unique aesthetic and was not disappointed, In fact, I was presently surprised that it's fairly effective too. Certainly a notable difference in muzzle rise, better at its job than a traditional spoon comp, in my opinion. 100% recommend it to my friends.

Khyber trumpet classic

keith kittrell on May 29th 2021

Love it! Love how it looks and glad there’s now one that the bayonet will go on.

Brings a nice touch of class

Noders on Apr 8th 2021

Got this for a really amazing kit build RPK looks fantastic, it really gives your firearm a certain vibe you can't get with just any muzzle device. shipped fast arrived fast and the blueing work was second to none.