Romanian Md65 underfolder AKM

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Want to larp as someone that actually uses their AK? Here's your chance!

I built this 1974 parts kit on a Recreator receiver with a AK-Builder CHF CL barrel.

This barrel is perfectly concentric for suppressor use, but you'll probably want a KNS piston on a spare carrier for that. This rifle is reliability gassed because I have no idea what it's gonna be used for wherever it winds up.

Every single number matches, down to the selector, hammer, sight leaf, etc.

This kit has seen decades of abuse. Take note of the smashed (but still functional!) dust cover.

The finish is a slow rust blue, that was then weathered in the correct spots, to put this rifle back into exactly the condition it was before the ATF raped it (minus the third pin :/ )


Two things to note on this rifle:

1) the lower handguard shrunk in length over time, and has a shim under the front. Other handguards fit tight. Please for the love of God don't switch the furniture, I'm just telling you the rifle is in spec.

2) the rear sight leaf is crooked, it got smashed at some point. I straightened it out, but the front sight post is slightly left after zeroing. Well within spec but I know it bothers some people.


Includes one surplus steel magazine, sling magazine pouch, and cleaning kit. Uli stole my bayonet, sorry.