Hungarian AK-63F, Iraqi Police marked

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This rifle is built from a very uncommon Iraqi Police inventory Hungarian AK-63F parts kit. These parts kits only recently became available in the United States.
This particular kit is in excellent shape, featuring all matching serial numbers, and very cool Arabic writing on the stock.
The Recreator receiver features period correct spot welds, axis pin embossings, and selector marks. In addition, we installed a custom in-house domed center support rivet to give it unrivaled authenticity.

Our friends at Heavy Metal Tactical painted the rifle with Russian Paint, making the new finish chemically and visually identical to the original finish.

  • Recreator Blanks receiver
  • AK-Builder cold hammer forged, chrome lined barrel. Concentric for suppresor use
  • Russian Paint finish expertly applied by Ethan at Heavy Metal Tactical
  • Includes one surplus Romanian magazine