This 1-oh-faux is fresh off the press and ready for a new home!
Sporting a fresh hot blued finish, this AK is ready to be cherished and/or abused.
Do you want an AK to trick out but feel bad about doing it to a clone rifle? Look no further!

  • Available as a pistol or SBR
  • JMac Customs 12.5" Cold Hammer Forged, Nitrided 7.62x39 barrel
  • Jmac Customs GBC-13 adjustable gas block (set-and-forget style tuning)
  • 14x1 LH muzzle threads with detent plunger
  • Side rail for optics
  • Tapco G2 trigger group, double hook
  • 4.5mm side folding rear trunnion, surplus
  • Arsenal USA stock
  • Surplus Bulgarian AK-74 furniture 
  • Romanian front trunnion and bolt, forged
  • Custom upswept charging handle bolt carrier, easier over-the-top charging
  • Brass trigger guard rivet (maker's mark, does not detract from strength)
  • Khyber Pass Trumpet muzzle device
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