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Brand new reproduction hinge blocks for the AKS-74u.

These are machined from 4140, heat treated, and come parkerized for protection.
These are clones of a block from an original Bulgarian military AKS-74u kit.
The press fit journal and outside width of the block is sized for standard 5.45 stamped receiver guns (the hole diameter for the barrel is 17.50mm) 

Can I use an unmodified bolt carrier with this block?

The bolt carrier hole in the block is 16mm, the same as found on factory AKS-74u blocks. The shaft on a standard AKM/AK-74 bolt carrier has an upper tolerance limit slightly larger than 16mm, meaning that they will often not fit. This is not a defect of your bolt carrier or this hinge block, just an unfortunate consequence of the Soviet design being built with assorted surplus parts nowadays.
However, if your bolt carrier does fit, you're in business! The Version 2 of this block (additonal details at the bottom) has a clearance cut for the corner radius where the bolt carrier shaft meets the charging handle area, no machining required.

The shaft of the bolt carrier on factory AKS-74us is reduced in diameter to better fit the 16mm hole. 

These do not fit 7.62 or 5.56 Krink kits, as the barrel journal is larger on those. They can be used with these kits if you turn down the barrel. However, if you're using a milled receiver, the ears of this block that sit inside the receiver are not as wide as a milled one would be.
7.62/5.56/Milled spec blocks are available from Kvar, but will need the ears narrowed to fit in a stamped front trunnion.

Version 2 blocks can be identified by now having a dimple guide for drilling the barrel cross pin, a feature version 1 was unfortunately lacking. 
Another upgrade present on Version 2 is the bolt carrier clearance cut mentioned above.

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Hinge block

William on Jan 14th 2023

Exact part I needed for a very rare and difficult part to find. Perfect copy, actually, better than original. New version comes coated, which is a nice touch. Great product and a great price. Thanks again! Bill

Finishing Piece

AR on Jan 14th 2023

This is and exact copy of an AKS-74U / Sushka hinge block; no fitting necessary press right in to position, pilot hole makes it easier to drill and pin. Buy with confidence.