These domed center support rivets are the perfect way to add that finishing touch to your clone build!

This kit includes one rivet and one reusable support plate.
Additional rivets are available here at a discount when purchased with a kit or support tool.

What AKs are these rivets correct for?

  • East Germany: All models, all calibers, all years
  • Hungarian: all models and years
  • Izhevsk: 1959-1964 AKM
  • Molot: 1960-1963 RPK, 1970 RPK-S (no other samples found)
  • Poland: 1968-1982, AKM and AKMS
  • Romania: 1963-1972, all models including RPK
  • Tula: 1960-1964 AKM
  • Zastava: M21

What do I need to install this rivet?

I recommend enlisting the services of a seasoned AK builder for this task. You will need to remove the existing center support rivet, and install this one using the provided support plate, and a long rivet jig (such as the ones AK-Builder sells).



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